Leather is a natural material, therefore sitting on leather sofas provides a comfortable and pleasant experience. High-quality leather breathes, absorbs body moisture, and regulates the temperature of the sofa with the temperature in the room. It is interesting to know that frequent use additionally improves its characteristics, therefore a leather sofa represents a long-term solution for a carefree seating and lying experience.

The advantage of a leather sofa is also in its simple maintenance. Smaller stains can be removed by using a dry cloth or mild soapy water. Larger stains require the use of a special cleaning agent for leather, which can be found in our sales programme. Even though this is not an active cleaning agent, it is recommended to test it first on a less visible part of the sofa. Cleaning agents containing alcohol, acetone, turpentine and petrol, or nitro-based cleaning agents shall not be used.

At least once a year, it is recommended to use a suitable protection cream for leather sofas, which moisturizes leather and increases its softness. Preferably, this should be done in autumn, as during the winter, the air in living spaces is drier due to heating.

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These are materials of high quality, which are pleasant to the touch, and bring additional cosiness to your home. Our selection of colours and patterns is very large and will satisfy everyone.

Upholstered furniture dressed in a single colour fabric can be enlivened in a simple way, with only some elements, such as cushions or a backrest, dressed in patterned fabrics. Beautiful and practical is also the combination of fabric and leather. Some parts of upholstered furniture, such as a handrest or lower part of the seat, are dressed in leather, and the rest in fabric.

Maintenance and cleaning of upholstered furniture dressed in fabric is a more complex job, but it has been quite simplified lately, with the use of special cleaning agents found in our sales programme.

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The main advantage of this material is PTFE protection, which prevents the penetration of water and dust. There is a wide selection of colours available. Microfibres differ in quality, which determines durability, resistance to wear, resistance to sunlight, weight, etc.

The advantage of upholstered furniture dressed in microfibres is easy maintenance and cleaning. Most stains can be removed with water or mild soapy water, whereas more demanding stains require the use of special cleaning agents found in our sales programme.

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