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Sofa Cana on wooden oak legs and with movable pillows and table, which can be used as a footstool or additional seat. An excellent choice for those who would like to enjoy the most.

New sofa - model CAVAN

Materials for seat coverings

The choice of material for the seat coverings is as important as the choice of the sofa itself. You can choose between different types of materials: leather, fabrics, microfibers.
It is only necessary to choose the right color of the material since it will take a long time in your apartment.

Do you have a wall of irregular shape?

Most of our sofas consist of individual components of different dimensions. Therefore, upon request, anyone can order a sofa according to their wishes and dimensions of the living space.

Individual components of sofas can be adjusted in a way to be able to fill living spaces of irregular shapes, e.g. rounded walls or irregular corners.

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