What kind of covering material can I choose?

Every product from the Ċ½akelj collection or product, which we made according to your wishes and requirements, can be made in your desired covering material.

Choose seat covering material from a large collection of different materials and colors.

You can also combine with other different materials, which means that you can determine which elements of the seat will be upholstered in different colors or materials.





These are materials of high quality, which are pleasant to the touch, and bring additional cosiness to your home. Our selection of colours and patterns is very large and will satisfy everyone.

Upholstered furniture dressed in a single colour fabric can be enlivened in a simple way, with only some elements, such as cushions or a backrest, dressed in patterned fabrics.

Beautiful and practical is also the combination of fabric and leather. Some parts of upholstered furniture, such as a handrest or lower part of the seat, are dressed in leather, and the rest in fabric.

See also cleaners for fabric


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