About us

Žakelj is a family company, which was established in 1987. We built our company gradually and on a solid basis, friendly to our natural and social environment. Today, we can take pride in the fact that our employees, business partners and users trust us, which for us, is very important.

The core of the company consists of family members. Together with 50 employees, we form a strong team since good communication among us enables great flexibility and adaptability. Moreover, close relationships between employees substantially contributes to the constant development and implementation of new ideas.

An important advantage of our company is the fact that we are manufacturers, sellers and consultants, all at the same time. We are convinced that only a comprehensive offer can fully satisfy the needs and wishes of our customers.

Our programme

The majority of our manufacturing programme consists of sofas. There is a wide offer of sofas with simple or classic lines, multi-purpose sofas with pull-out beds and sofas with modern lines.

When you are choosing from a vast collection of individual items, and it appears that it is not possible to achieve your ideal composition, the great advantage of our sofas is that they can be tailored to your wishes as well as the requirements of the space.

Our manufacturing programme also includes:
- recliners – fixed or with an integrated reclining mechanism,
- adjusted upholstered furniture for hotels and public institutions (hospitals, libraries and schools),
- furniture accessories – bean bags, footstools, decorative cushions, upholstered vases and frames,
- upholstered beds and bed frames.

We are aware of the fact that only the manufacturer can best communicate with its customers. With direct contact, the manufacturer can best satisfy their wishes and guarantee the quality of its products. Therefore, we are also very active in the field of services. We own our own chain of showrooms, and rely on the knowledge of Slovenian experts when offering consulting services to our customers.

Our customers

These are people who know exactly what they want and are not satisfied with average things. They envision their living space – with the sofa as the main focus – as an oasis where they can relax and forget the everyday rush. Therefore, when selecting the right furniture, they are very demanding and are looking for the best.

With continuous development and support, the company ŽAKELJ is capable of fulfilling even the most demanding wishes. We are proud that our customers appreciate this. We are aware of the fact that spreading a good word from mouth to mouth is the best way for success.

Our vision

Our goal is for the company to become a leading manufacturer of high-quality, custom-made upholstered furniture in Slovenia, and to gradually increase its reputation abroad.

The future development of our company is not in the direction of mass production, but in the upgrade of individual work for our customers who are pleased to tell their acquaintances they use furniture from the company Žakelj.

Our mission

Upholstered furniture usually represents the centre of a living space, where the whole family gathers and friends are seated.

Upholstered furniture designed in accordance with trends, and wishes and needs of customers can contribute to the cosiness and frequent gatherings in their homes. Therefore, we like to carry out our work with great quality, fairly and in direct contact with customers.

Our values

We are building our company gradually and on a solid basis, friendly to our natural and social environment.

Our core values are honesty and diligence, with the bar constantly being raised as we strive for top quality service and availability to our customers.

The desire for us to keep up good relations with our customers dictates that we stay in contact with them even after years of satisfied usage on their behalf.

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